The What, the Why and the Wherefore of Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Let’s start with what it isn’t. It isn’t some cheap party trick, although some people my use it as such. It isn’t like you sometimes see in the movies. And it isn’t about stage performances and making an ass of yourself. It isn’t about putting you into a zombie like trance. In fact it isn’t about any of the myths you have heard or probably been exposed to.

Hypnosis SubjectHypnosis is a state of deep relaxation coupled with an enhanced state of focused attention. Yes, you do enter a trance-like state. This simply means that your awareness of one thing is enhanced, the hypnotist’s voice and all else is dimmed. In this state the normal waking conscious mind is suppressed and you can access the subconscious mind.

The Whys and Wherefores of Hypnosis

Why Hypnosis? Short answer – because it works. And it very often works faster than many other therapies or methods. Whilst you are in an hypnotic state the hypnotist is able to implant positive suggestions, ideas and possible lifestyle changes that you, as the patient, are seeking and desire. Suggestions made at this level of consciousness allows changes to be made more readily and faster, than at a normal conscious level. In fact we would struggle at best and probably fail at worst, at a normal conscious level.

What problems can be treated by hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can used in the betterment of many psychological and emotional disorders and addictions, as well as some physical conditions.
It has been shown to help people to overcome addictions such as smoking, alcoholism and dietary disorders.
People with phobias respond well to hypnotherapy. As do people suffering from anxiety and / or panic attacks.
Hypnosis is excellent in controlling stress and in treating stress related problems and any problems exacerbated by tension.
People with low Self Esteem or lacking confidence are excellent candidates for Hypnosis

What Personal Development opportunities can be enhanced by Hypnosis?

Motivation, productivity, overcoming procrastination, achieving peak performance, the list goes on and on, and covers the whole gambit of personal development. Across the board, Hypnosis has been used and proven to be effective time and again.

Can children be hypnotized?

Children are normally excellent hypnotic subjects and are generally easy to hypnotize. Whilst they are still imaginative, they easily accept and respond to the hypnotists suggestions. A wide variety of typical child’s problems can be treated effectively with hypnosis, including but not limited to, self- esteem, anxiety,  bed-wetting, stammering and behavioral issues.

Will Hypnosis work for me?

I’m sure it will – yes.
As many of the myths and misunderstandings have crumbled, Hypnosis has become increasingly popular and may often be recommended as an alternate change therapy. Used correctly, by a professional, it is possibly the most powerful means we have of achieving personal development and lasting change.

Where to

Thankfully you do not need to find a therapist to visit  in person. A ‘virtual’ therapist in the form of downloadable tracks or CD’s can often and does, achieve the same results.

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