Whilst I curate, collect and sometimes write here, this is not about me.
It’s about You!

MyDynamicSelf was set up to be about You Claiming Your True Worth and what I can do to help you achive the success you desire. 

I am just the link between where you are now and where you want to be.

I will do my best to help you become more of whatever it is you want to become, get out of whatever state you want to get out of and generally, achieve whatever it is you are looking to achieve.

I find and deliver the learning, the training that is right for you and I will coach you through it if you need me to. I can do this for you, just as I have done for countless others over the years.

I'm here to help you Claim Your True Worth. Let’s enjoy your journey together. 

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What's holding you back from Claiming Your True Worth? 

It could be any one of the following...

Stressed? This where it all began for me.

You have difficulty focusing on the task at hand. You are dog tired but can't sleep. You feel overwhelmed... You're stressed. And you need to relieve it.

Mindset. Another  prime interest. 

Mindset is the biggest single, most important determinant of success in any field of endeavour. The person with the better mindset will come out on top. Time to make sure yours is right. Having a Growth Mindset is essential.

Procrastination! We all do - including You!

Procrastination is just another way that you tend to self-sabotage, it’s a bad habit that serves no good purpose in your life! Best to just try to get rid of procrastination altogether. And it is possible.

Imposter Syndrome?

Do you sometimes feel like you're 'faking it'? Or you haven't earned the right to your success? That you are no where near as good as 'the others'. These are key signs of imposter syndrome. Face it and Fix it - You Can!

...or it could be something else. Let's try and identify what it is and then fix it!

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Why Me. 

Short, very short version. Some years back, as a direct result of doing a deal on trust, I lost everything. (I hear you – damn fool me!). And I mean everything – business, wife, car and house. All in the space of a week and pretty much in that order. Looking back, I think I missed the car the most. :)

In the days, week, months that followed I experienced stress, anxiety, depression, fear, panic and more. Sometimes all at once.

In trying to rebuild my life I made plans, got distracted, suffered information overload, tried multitasking, became overwhelmed then procrastinated, confused, disheartened... Need I go on?

Slowly it dawned on me that most of this was in my head and the realisation that if I could control my thoughts, my mind, then I would be in a much better place. Part of Mindset is the determination to find a way past the obsticles that life throws at us.

My search for simple ways and means of regaining control began...

I've done the research, the trial and error and the tweaking. You don't need to. But you do have to stop doing what currently stops you doing. I'll be with you all the way.

Transform your thinking. Learn to unlearn and learn again in order to Claim Your True Worth, grow and become Dynamic

They Say...


Award Winning Business Woman

An empathetic listener with an intuitive ability to pinpoint and understand the problem and therefore provide simple, practical and actionable counsel. Thoroughly enjoyed working with him.


Digital Marketer

The simplicity of Chris's info makes it almost impossible to put it aside and ignore. It's fast to get through in both theory and practical. 
It's just plain good, very good. 

Colin I (UK)

Digital marketing

A very easy read. No fluff or filler. Concise easy to follow actionable steps that actually work.

S P (SA)

Coach and Trainer

Thank you Chris for such easy to follow and effective steps... Recommended by a friend, this is pretty much exactly what I was needing. It's brief and to the point.


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