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Why me?

Short, very short version. Some years back, as a direct result of doing a deal on trust, I lost everything. (I hear you – damn fool me!). And I mean everything – business, wife, car and house. Pretty much in that order. Looking back, I think I missed the car the most

In the days, week, months that followed I experienced stress, anxiety, depression, fear, panic sometimes all at once.

In trying to rebuild my life I made plans, got distracted, suffered information overload, tried multitasking, became overwhelmed then procrastinated, confused, disheartened... Need I go on?

Slowly it dawned on me that most of this was in my head and the realisation that if I could control my thoughts, my mind then I would be in a much better place.

Part of Mindset is the determination to find a way past the obsticles that life throws at one.

My search for simple ways and means of regaining control began...

I've done the research, the trial and error and the tweaking. You don't need to.

Right now you have the opportunity of picking up a collection of what works best.

You don't have to don robes, light candles or chant mantras, unless of course that is your thing.

But you do have to stop doing what currently stops you doing.

Transform your thinking. Learn to unlearn and learn again in order to grow and become Dynamic!

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