If I Can You Can Too…

Short, very short version. Some years back, as a direct result of doing a deal on trust, I lost everything. (I hear you – damned fool me!).  And I mean everything – business, wife, car and house. Pretty much in that order. Looking back, I think I missed the car the most.

In the days, week, months that followed I went through the whole gambit of emotions, except feeling good about anything. You name it I experienced it; stress, anxiety, depression, fear, panic sometimes all at once. I think I reached the bottom one night when in depth of sleep I had an all too vivid and realistic insight into the minds of those people who shoot their entire family and then themselves. Thankfully there was no gun in the house. I awoke at about 2.00 am in a cold, dripping sweat. Slowly it dawned on me that it was just a thought. And with that came the realisation that if I could control my thoughts then …hmm

Sometime before that I had read a book on nlp in business.  It was one of the early nlp books which, when I read it, seemed to be just interesting. (Regrettably, I lent it to ‘help’ somebody understand nlp and have never had it back. Another lesson learnt.) My thoughts on that cold dark night sparked a desire in me to learn how to control my mind and then help others to overcome their fears and phobias and life’s problems.

It wasn’t long before I overcame the worst of my mental ‘traumas’ and began to recover the material stuff.  And I’m never going back there!  Initially on medication, I weaned myself off of that and regained control using predominantly nlp techniques and natural stuff. This combination enabled me to view life’s circumstances and happenings quite differently. And more importantly, to be in control of me.

Each of us is different. But nlp can work for everyone without exception and in most circumstances. What I aim to do here, with My Dynamic Self, is provide you with enough useful information, tips and techniques, to help you get over your immediate hurdles, be they stress, depression, anxiety, motivation, time management or whatever. Thereafter and just as important, I want to provide you with the resources to enable you to, handle any sort of situation in the future and start achieving the great things in your life that you can achieve.

I am not a medical practitioner but I am a Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (INLPTA).  As such I have counselled and helped may people overcome all sorts of crap and start living their lives. My aim is to help you live your life to the fullest.

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