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Addiction is Good For Goals

Traditional Goal setting wisdom dictates that our goals must have a time frame attached to them. In other words, we must have a deadline. For example, I want to lose so many pounds by such and such a date. When we set such a goal we go all out to achieve it – for a […]

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Finding Focus in a noisy world

Finding or rather maintaining focus in today’s distraction cluttered world becomes increasingly difficult for all of us. Focus is the concentration of attention and / or energy on something. Concentrating your attention and energy on a single task will produce faster , better results that really matter. In a world where we are constantly bombarded […]

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Five Fixes for Getting Out of ‘Blah’

Do you ever have ‘blah’ days? Days when nothing seems to go quite the way you planned or hoped. Days when you see; all sorts of unfinished jobs, piles of ‘I’ll-get-to-you-later’ stuff and even more piles of ‘must-do-that-one-day’ stuff. Days when there seems to be lots of niggling little things that you just don’t feel […]

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