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Stress Management for Kids

When I look at the kids of to-day, I am convinced that growing up isn’t as easy as it used to be. Every sphere of life to-day seems to be more and more competitive and stressful as a result. Stress Management for Kids is an essential part of their growing into healthy teens and adults. […]

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Stress Management for Students

Today, there are more demands on students than their parents may be aware of. Students of all ages, from grade school right through college, are subject to many different stressors and their immediate consequences. Worry about completing projects on time or the next big game can often result in a lack of sleep. Insufficient time […]

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Stress Management for Teens

Being a teenager is stressful.  Whether you are a twelve or twenty year old, girl or boy, every stage comes with its own stresses. If you can learn to handle stress better now you will also handle stress better during college years and your working life. The following, four Do’s and a Don’t, Stress Management […]

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