The Essential Foundations for a Happy Life

Establishing a good self image, good self esteem in children is of the utmost importance.From tiny tots to teen years and beyond a healthy self esteem is a prerequisite to success in practically every sphere of life be it career, sport, relationship and everything else of any importance.

It also seems to be more and more difficult for kids of any age to feel good about themselves. The world is becoming more and more competitive. The ‘image’, be it ‘the cool guy’ or ‘the model’s model’ is everywhere. Everywhere that is, except in the real day to day world of our children. With so much pressure, if the children see themselves as being a million miles away from the cool guy or ultra model, which most of them are and if it matters to them, which peer pressure tells them it does, then they are likely to find it difficult to feel really good about themselves. Most kids have in back to front. They imagine that in order to feel good about themselves everybody else has to first see them as okay. Whereas, if they see themselves as okay so will everybody else.

Do not underestimate the importance of establishing a healthy self image

Allowed to go unchecked the feeling of low self image, low self worth can lead to some serious behavioural problems. The child will very often seek alternative ways to be seen as ‘cool’ and feel good about themselves. Alcohol, drugs, petty crime and sex are not uncommon. School grades will likely suffer. School absenteeism my increase and eventually they may drop out altogether. Nobody actually chooses this path. It is up to you the parent, teacher or care giver to strive to instil a sense of self worth in every child of whatever age.

The Benefits of instilling a good self image are immeasurable

Feeling good about yourself, no matter your faults or differences will allow you to live a happier life. Children with a good self image will grow up to be more confident in themselves. Children who have good self esteem will tend to be more confident. They are more likely to; do better if not excel in school, be more socially aware, make friends more easily, have a better outlook on life, enjoy better relationships and excel in their future.

Where to start instilling a good self esteem

•Tell them how important they are.

•Help them strive to be successful in life and in school. But stress that it is okay not to be the best or come first at everything!

•Try and find an example or role model of someone, (other than a superstar!) who has an excellent self image and show the child the benefits.

•Give them a reason to feel good about themselves. Don’t let them buy into the Mr Cool or Ultra-model image that is promoted so heavily.

•Teach children that what is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another person and that real beauty is both what’s inside as well as outer looks.

•Find examples that clearly show that each of us is unique and beautiful in our own way.

It may not happen overnight. It may take a lot of effort on your part as parent, teacher or care giver. But the results will be worth it. At the very least you will have helped your child keep away from abuse of alcohol, drugs, and sex. At best you will have given them the wherewithal to be happier, have more fun, feel freer and turn out to be a well rounded successful adult. It’s up to you.


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