A low self esteem and a lack of self confidence often go hand in hand. However, it is generally accepted that a good self image is a prerequisite to self confidence. If, at the present time you have a low self esteem then you need to address this as it will have a significant and positive effect on your self confidence.

Where to start? Start small. Working on the smaller things is more likely to bring you fast results. A series of small positive results has a tremendous cumulative effect. If needs be you can then tackle some of the bigger issues. Quite often you will find that once you have accomplished a series of smaller boosts things that at first appeared big a scary are no more.

Here then are some suggested small ways in which you can possible make changes. They are in no particular order. Just pick one, the easiest one, and make a start. As you work your way through the list you will experience a sense of achievement as satisfaction that will boost your self esteem to new heights.

• Grab a copy and read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. In this classic book, by Dale Carnegie, you will find and learn easy yet timeless strategies for making yourself increasingly popular with the people around you. It is an easy read and is probably the best place for you to start.

•  Start to dress the part. Look around you at the people who have a good self image and are just quietly confident. See how they dress and carry themselves. You don’t have to buy designer labels but you clothe must look good on you, clean and ironed. When you buy good expensive, maybe designer gear, wear it often. Do not hide it away for special occasions. Peoples will notice and acknowledge you. And when you are complimented on your appearance just accept in graciously. A simple ‘Thank you’ and nothing more is sufficient. When you look good you can’t help but feel good.

•  This is allied to dressing well – lose weight and get fitter. Lower your carbohydrate intake and increase your protein intake, 8 glasses of water a day and a regular short brisk walk will work wonders for your physique. As you start to feel better about your body you might even step up and join a gym. Whatever you do the overall effect of improving the way you look and the opinions you have about your body will have significant and lasting effects on your self esteem.

•  Now we have to be a little daring. You must find something that will deliberately cause you to step outside of your comfort zone, preferably by making yourself noticeable. The fear of being noticed is irrational. And, I hate to break it to you, but when you think you are sticking out like a sore thumb most people won’t even have noticed you. Take comfort from that fact and act. Sit at the front instead of the back. Arrive a moment or two after most people so you have to enter a crowded room rather than be there first. Circulate and introduce yourself to at least one person that you wouldn’t normally talk to. Join a group instead of hovering on your own. Once you’ve done it once you realize how easy it is you will have boosted your low self esteem to new heights.

•  What are you good at? Dig deep and find something that you do well that will impress somebody around you. It doesn’t matter what it is. Let others witness your doing whatever it is. And if it is something you can do for somebody else or share with somebody else that is even better. If all else fails do something out of the way and unexpected to help somebody else feel better.

In the beginning, increasing your self esteem may not be easy but it is worth the effort. The benefits to you and your enjoyment of life will be enormous. Start now, right now, your new Dynamic Self is closer than you think!


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