Attitude is not just the mood we show the outside world. Attitude affects our inner world, our physical and mental self. When we switch from a generally bad attitude, negative in other words, to a more positive attitude then our outcomes also change for the better.

But how do we do that when we are bogged down with stress and nothing seems to be going our way?

Here’s a list of 5 simple things that are guaranteed to change attitude, your and other folks.

Smile. Smile and greet people, wish them a good day. Stuck in traffic, smile at the driver next to you. He may think you are nuts but he’ll suddenly feel better and so will you.

Remember your manners. Be polite and be courteous. Say please and thank you. Don’t push. Hold doors open for people. Guys, give up your seat to ladies or elderly folk.

Address people by name. Use a persons name when someone is serving or helping you in some way. Many people in service industries wear a small name badge. Read it and use their name. If they are not wearing one ask there name and use it.

Help someone. Offer to help a friend or colleague with something, carry a bag for someone. Give, no matter how little, to someone less fortunate. Just do something for someone that they weren’t expecting.

Take a walk. Visit your nearest park and focus your senses on what’s around you. Actually look at the tress and plants. Notice the sound of the wind in the trees and the different plant smells.

Look for moments during the day when you can put them into practice. When you do any one of the above you will feel better about yourself. That will have a more positive effect on everything else you do during your day.

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