Stress Anxiety states can range from a mild unpleasant emotional feeling to experiencing a feeling of full blown panic. Therefore, dealing with Anxiety has to be tailored to suit the nature of the anxiety.  The anxiety state can be temporary or specific to stimulus or more seriously, a seemingly permanent state of worry and nervousness.

None of them are pleasant and they all have one thing in common. That is they are based on an unrealistic fear. In other words they require a good deal of imagination to exist. That is not to suggest that the feeling is imaginary, far from it, but rather the cause or stimulus for the feeling lies largely in the imagination.

The good news is that it can therefore be fixed or overcome comparatively easily in many instances. That is not to diminish the seriousness or suggest that you should not seek treatment. Whilst learning to deal with anxiety maybe relatively simple, for some anxiety disorders you most definitely should seek treatment.

Dealing with Anxieties more serious disorders

Panic Disorder or Panic Attacks These are the feelings of terror that spring from nowhere and usually without warning or at best very limited warning. If you are one of those who suffer from these types of attacks then it is important that you seek treatment. Early treatment can prevent the attacks escalating to worse conditions such as agoraphobia.

Social Anxiety Disorder is an irrational fear or feelings of inadequacy centered around some sort of social situation. Feeling overly shy or self conscious in a crowd or fear of public speaking are classic examples. Social phobias can be treated quite easily and successfully often without medication. That said; in extreme cases or where it is affecting your life, and then consult your medical practitioner as medication might be indicated to kick start the process.

Specific Anxiety Phobias are those that bring on a feeling of fear where no real danger exists. Good examples are fear of places such as heights, escalators, driving or being driven, flying. In dealing with anxiety of this sort NLP or some other psychotherapy would normally suffice as they are the easiest to cure. Medication would rarely be indicated.

As most anxiety states have imagination in common it is advisable to learn to get out of imagination. In simple terms Imagination is no more that a thought. If you can change the thought you can change your state. NLP would certainly be effective in many instances.

If you are a sufferer, learning relaxation and breathing techniques as a first intervention will most certainly help in dealing with anxiety.


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