Being a teenager is stressful.  Whether you are a twelve or twenty year old, girl or boy, every stage comes with its own stresses. If you can learn to handle stress better now you will also handle stress better during college years and your working life. The following, four Do’s and a Don’t, Stress Management for Teens tips will help you do just that.

Breathe Better

Breathe in through your nose slowly to a count of six. Fill your diaphragm before you chest. Hold for a count of six. Breathe out slowly through your mouth to a count of six. Expel all the air out of your lungs by contacting your stomach. Hold for a count of six. Drop your shoulders and relax as you do this. Do this six or seven times and you will feel more relaxed.


The next trick is to learn to relax body and mind even more. Find someplace where you can lie down alone, this is not a shared experience, without being disturbed. Play music if you must but preferably quieter ballads or similar. No rap, hard rock, heavy metal or house music! Yeah, I know, that might be a whole new experience. Lie down, close your eyes. Clench your fist, relax you fist a few times. Now repeat clenching and relaxing your whole arm. Work your way around your body and chill. Don’t forget to breathe properly!

You are great, no really – you are, just as you are.

Believe me when I tell you that the cool dudes and cheerleaders are probably more stressed than you are. You see, not only do they have the same stresses as you do but they have an image to uphold the whole time and that in itself is stressful. Imagine if the ‘cool’ crowd were not there and never had been. Who would you be then. Take a look at who you are and just be yourself in future. Life is a lot easier that way.

Interact with others

You are not alone! Every one of your classmate and peers feels the same as you do at times. Maybe not the same time, which is good, but they do feel it. Talking to your friends about your fears and feelings is good. Talking to an adult can be even better. Choose an adult you know well and can trust such as another person’s parent, a teacher or school counselor. Talking always helps.

And a Don’t…

No, don’t do Drugs! Look at the world outside your circle. I’ll bet you can name lots of people who have ruined their lives by taking drugs. But you cannot name one person who has benefitted. That’s because there aren’t any, period. The above Stress Management for Teens tips and a good dose of common sense are all you need to get you through your teen years. Good luck!


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