Fathers should take careful note and learn to manage their stress. In today’s fast paced world it is very easy to overlook the early signs of stress and to be ‘too busy’ to do anything about them even if you do recognize them. Simply saying to yourself or your spouse, ‘I’m a bit stressed at the moment but it will get better’ simply does not work!

Common signs of stress may include, amongst others, not sleeping well, weight fluctuating, difficulty concentrating, being unusually irritable and unnecessarily aggressive. Recognize the early warning signs and do something about managing your stress before it gets out of hand and leads to more serious conditions such as depression.

Tips to help manage stress

While some people proactively manage the amount of stress in their lives and self-care when it gets out of control, research shows that men are less likely than women to have used the services of a mental health professional, according to a survey of Californians commissioned by CAMFT.

“Dads may think it’s not ‘manly’ to seek therapy, but achieving mental wellness is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and your family,” said Michael Uram, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from Orange County, Calif.

CAMFT offers five simple mental wellness tips to help manage your stress.

SOURCE: http://www.counselingcalifornia.com/p_the-fathers-day-gift-every-man-needs-mental-wellness.cfm

If you haven’t smiled and if you have laughed at least once today, if you are irritable, tired or just generally a bit pressured and it’s beginning to get you down then maybe it is time to get some guidance from the psychotherapist in order to manage your stress . It would be the responsible thing to do.


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