It seems so much has changed since I was a kid. No longer do kids play amongst themselves, without supervision, waiting to be called inside. I see too many of today’s kids being signed up for all sorts of extra curricula activities, like it or not. What should be free time, enjoyable relaxed no pressure time has turned into another rat race. But too many activities are stressful for you the parent as well as for the kids. Limit the activities and enjoy the fact that Stress management for kids is also effective stress management for parents.

Extracurricular activities are great as long as they don’t turn from an enjoyable challenge to stress. So limit activities, even if that means just one activity per season.

Extracurricular activities certainly benefit children. They:

• Build self-esteem;

• Help kids make new friends;

• Teach them how to be team players;

• Improve school performance; and

• Importantly, keep kids from becoming inactive TV watchers and video game players, packing on the pounds as the sedentary years march by.

Help him choose, prioritize and drop activities where necessary. And that might include dropping your interest! It is important that kids have time to play with kids and be kids without adult intervention and overbearing supervision. Managing kids stress in this way is managing parental stress as well. And that will reduce stress levels for the whole family.

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