As more and more woman are returning to the workforce, working Mothers have become the norm. The majority of households today need the double income to survive. Balancing the wife and the work roles becomes increasingly difficult and some form of stress management for women is essential. This is especially true for the working Mothers. As everyone’s circumstances are different there is no single cure all. There are, however, some simple things that can help.

Accept that there are no perfect careers, marriages, children, home lives or leisure routines. . If you feel about 80 percent good about each of these areas of your life, read no further. This is about as good as it gets.

Furthermore, you will never find a perfect balance between these various life components. To make things even more complicated, the balance of these life aspects will shift over time, as you, your children and your partner move on to new life stages.

Clarify your priorities. What’s the least you must do to feel as though you’re being an attentive and loving mom? A successful career woman? A good partner to your spouse? Anything extra you choose to do will be “gravy.”

Begin to write in a journal, even if only for five minutes a day. Note how you are feeling and trace back to what might have led to your current mood.

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Following any or all of these steps will certainly help. See what works best for you and your family and develop you own ‘Stress Management for Women’ action plan. By the way, all these techniques can be applied equally well by your husband!

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